The Renovation of Our Luxury Apartments

This beautiful building had been left derelict and empty for nearly 20 years and although originally planned as offices and residential homes it was finally decided to develop seven  luxury serviced apartments. Clever use of roof space, existing internal structures and thoughtful layout would give each apartment large living spaces and characteristic features sympathetic to the original historic building. The use of local resources and raw building materials was very important to the design team. Exposed brickwork, iron steel girders, authentic flooring, and the original stained glass windows were used at every opportunity and either left in place, relocated as new features, or up-cycled into furniture. Unusable spaces were made accessible and outside areas were added to each apartment to give the feeling of space and freedom. The apartments gradually progressed to suit the ever changing design and after 2 years the vision became reality.

Passion for design, architectural interest and belief in the final finished project inspired the vision for The Bells Serviced Apartments. Officially opened in September 2017 The Bells created a level of luxury accommodation Leeds has never seen before.