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our history

our history

This magnificent Victorian building traces its history back to the 17th century and has been used for a variety of purposes including a clergy house, public house and also a gym. The originally name Kirkgate House was part of the Leeds Minster Estate (formerly St Peters Church) and was built in 1888.

Originally used by the church, the building was temporarily closed during the Second World War re-opening as a gym & refuge for returning soldiers and their families by The Market Boys Club. Kirkgate House was eventually given back to Leeds City Council and used by the social services until the late 1980’s where it was sadly allowed to fall into disrepair but in 2014 it was finally purchased with a vision to bring the building back to life. After years of research, hard work and a full renovation the building was re-named ‘The Bells’ in honour of the distinctive sounds of the Leeds Minster.

In 2017 the building was finally finished, creating luxury serviced apartments each individually designed and named after a famous bell in keeping with the name ‘The Bells’.

THE renovation

This beautiful building had been left derelict and empty for nearly 20 years and although originally planned as offices and residential homes it was finally decided to develop seven luxury serviced apartment. Clever use of roof space, existing internal structures and thoughtful layout would give each apartment large living spaces and characteristic features sympathetic to the original historic building. The use of local resources and raw building materials was very important to the design team. Exposed brickwork, iron steel grinders, authentic flooring and the original stained glass windows were used at every opportunity and either left in place, relocated as new features, or up-cycled into furniture. Unusable spaces were made accessible and outside areas were added to each apartment to give the feeling of space and freedom. The apartments gradually progressed to suit the ever changing design and after 2 years the vision became reality.

Terms & Conditions

– I confirm I have received my keys, codes and information for my apartment – management holds no responsibility for lost codes or keys resulting in guests not being able to access The Bells after reception hours have finished. Loss of your apartment key will result in a £150 replacement fee.

– I agree to all terms and conditions associated with my booking at The Bells Serviced Apartments, Leeds on behalf of all guests staying on this visit. A copy of these terms and conditions can be provided on request.

– I agree that any incidentals, accidental damages, additional charges including soft drinks, alcohol or consumables or any items that may go missing during my stay will be charged to my card used to place the £100.00 pre-authorisation at check-in. This is held and then returned to your card by Worldpay within 3-10 working days subject to any deductions aforementioned.

– Photographic ID from all guests in your party (either UK Driving License or valid Passport) is also required for our records only.

– The Bells operates a zero tolerance policy to drug use, any guests found or suspected of taking drugs in the apartment will be removed from the building without the right to re-entry and will not be refunded.

– Check-out is 11am unless a late check-out is requested and paid for on arrival. The Bells management are allowed access to the apartments after these check-out times for the purpose of house-keeping and security checks. Any guests that do not depart before the 11am check-out time and have not purchased a late-check out prior to check-in will be charged for a late-check out at £50.00 from the deposit.

– Please note every apartment is a NO-SMOKING apartment and the fine for smoking in our establishment is £250.00, should we need to relocate a guest or close an apartment due to a fumigation fee caused by you or your party you agree the full cost of relocation or apartment closure will be charged to your security deposit.

– You agree that if there is a problem with your initial payment after your departure such as a chargeback or fraudulent claim that the funds will be retrieved from your security deposit and details of the transaction will be passed to the relevant authority and you will not be able to re-book with us. 

– Guest numbers must not exceed the maximum occupancy rate of the apartment(s) booked at any point. Failure to follow this will incur a fine of £250.00 per person over the limit and will be taken from the security deposit.

– To ensure guests are considerate of other apartments and neighbouring residencies, noise levels are to be kept to a minimum at all times, no speakers are to be used externally. Any noise complaints will be charged at £150 plus any compensation fees in relation to other guests affected by your noise.

– The apartments are not to be used for commercial videography/photography purposes without prior written consent from a senior representative of The Bells Serviced Apartments.