Our History

This magnificent Victorian building traces its history back to the 17th century and has been used for a variety of purposes including a clergy house, public house and also a gym. The originally named Kirkgate House was part of the Leeds Minster Estate (formerly St Peters Church) and was built in 1888.

Originally used by the Church, the building was temporarily closed during the Second World War re-opening as a gym & refuge for returning soldiers and their families by The market Boys Club. Kirkgate House was eventually given back to Leeds City Council and used by the social services until the late 1980’s where it was sadly allowed to fall into disrepair but in 2014 it was finally purchased with a vision to bring the building back to life. After years of research, hard work and a full renovation the building was re-named The Bells in honour of the distinctive sounds of the Leeds Minster and in 2017 the building was finally finished creating luxury serviced apartments each individually designed and named after a famous bell in keeping with the name ‘ The Bells’.